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Morgan 1921-D VAM-1CB

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2020 9:32 pm
by Kissov
This is an EDS of 21-D VAM-1CB. The scribbles, especially outside the right leg feathers are very distinctive.

WIN_20201230_14_23_50_Pro.jpg (185.08 KiB) Viewed 915 times
WIN_20201230_14_24_01_Pro.jpg (193.11 KiB) Viewed 915 times

There are some other markers on this coin not shown on the 1CB page.

There is a small crack running between the LLA of DOLLAR (there are no cracks on the obverse of this coin).

WIN_20201230_14_23_13_Pro.jpg (161.61 KiB) Viewed 915 times

And there is a small dot on the tenth outer feather of the left wing.

WIN_20201230_14_24_35_Pro.jpg (188.5 KiB) Viewed 915 times

There are also some scribbles on the outer feathers of the right wing.

WIN_20201230_14_24_16_Pro.jpg (194.35 KiB) Viewed 915 times