Origin of Old English IGWT on Morgan dollars

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Origin of Old English IGWT on Morgan dollars

Post by RogerB » Tue Jun 16, 2020 6:04 pm

This letter from George Morgan explains the Gothic-style lettering for IGWT. After the coin was issued there were negative comments by Dir. Linderman about the lettering style.

430 S. 40th Street

October 23, 1877

[Hon. H. R. Linderman,
Director of the Mint]

With reference to your letter of the 18th inst. I beg to say that I have received the letter of instructions from the Superintendent at Philadelphia and that the dies shall be read as soon as possible.

The “Old English” letter used in the inscription “In God We Trust” were made by Mr. Key specially [sic] for the half dollar.

Understanding that you require these dies as soon as practicable, I beg to say that it would be some assistance to me if Mr. Key were instructed to make a larger set for the Silver Dollar and a smaller set for the Half Eagle.

I am, Sir, Yours Obediently,
George Morgan

[Abstract, below]

October 24, 1877
Respectfully referred to the Superintendent of the Philadelphia Mint, with instructions that he will direct Mr. Key to prepare sets of letters as requested by Mr. Morgan.
H.R. Linderman, Director.

Received 25 October 1877, Philadelphia Min

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