Conformation of 1878 P 8TF 14.2 / 14.2a and / 14.2b

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Conformation of 1878 P 8TF 14.2 / 14.2a and / 14.2b

Post by twohawks » Sun Jun 14, 2020 3:06 pm

Well when I sent in the progression of the 1878 P 8 TF VAM 14.2 for the designation of the terminal die state and also pointed out the feeder finger gouges thought the O of "OF", and then Leroy created 3 varieties including one that no one has seen I did not like it.

Well last night I got home and a coin I won on E Bay that also got lost in the mail was there. The said coin is without question a VAM 14.2 NO Feeder Finger gouges!! So there really is a VAM 14.2 No feeder finger gouges, VAM 14.2a Feeder finger gouges with no breaks and the VAM-14.2b Broken Obverse and Reverse.

Photo 1 with that being in the PCGS holder is the former NCG MS-63 PL that's now a PCGS MS-61 PL and the other was in a HCGS "BS" holder as an MS-66 LOL
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