1989-O an attribution excercise in futility...

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1989-O an attribution excercise in futility...

Post by Albannach » Mon Feb 10, 2020 4:44 pm

OOPS 1898-O sorrry folks

So I have this coin...LOL ("There I was")

I will begin at the end (when I threw my hands in the air, in disgust. This is difficult coming from a "study" perspective and lends to the "elephant in the room" talk we touch on occasionally her...

VAM 4A (Die Pair), obviosly there "should" be a VAM 4, that is not clashe w/ Transfer...of course at the lower end of the spectrum, "Multiple die pairs may exist" (said elephant).

All good, but being the OCD sorta gu I am, I decided to review the listings.....there it is again, VAM 16....

So we have a marriage that spans 2 (possibly 3) different listings. This drives study folks crazy...well, at least me.

I'm calling mine a 16, as I can barely see a whisper of the inner doubling, but I have the cracking of the 4A as LFCP's. Now this listing was recently revised, showing outside doubling of the 8 (Looks like MDD too me), but.....that plate photo is from the original listing (doubled inner upper). Note no/to little date cracks on the V16 revision pics.

So, VAM 16 EDS of the marriage, Prolly clashed after the cracking on the 4A reverse pics, and then got rubbed out in the fix, VAM 4 (multiple die pairs may exist)...

I would propsoe VAM 16 no date doubling (LDS likely), 16A (EDS 8 Doubled inside (as plated), 16B Clashed w. Letter transfer. The rub would be seeing Norm's DC coin, to look for the dbl date (which, if I was a betting man) is preset on the Discovery...

That is all

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