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Old Bags

Post by RogerB » Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:47 pm

This letter might be a little "odd" for VAM collectors, but it's interesting in the way the Carson Mint is designated. Size "B" bags were those made to hold $5,000 in gold - primarily double eagles. Size "A" (not ordered in this letter) were for $1,000 Trade dollars or $2,000 in halves. If you are offered "Original US Mint Bags" it might be prudent to be a little circumspect.

L. F. Requa, Esq.
No. 2 Broadway
New York

August 14, 1876

You will please manufacture and ship as early as practicable to the U.S. Mint, San Francisco, two thousand (2,000) and to the U.S. Mint at Carson, Nevada, one thousand (1,000) coin bag size “B” to be strictly in accordance with the sample submitted, and at the price stated in your letter of the 7th ult.: viz., 11-1/2 cents delivered, and provided you are willing to place under the letters “U. S. M.” the letters “S.F.” (thus U.S.M. over S.F.), on those for San Francisco and on those for Carson, the letter “C” without any increase in price.

You will when shipped, forward your account in duplicate, accompanied by bills of lading to this office, for settlement.
Very Respectfully,
H. R. Linderman, Director

[RG104 E-235 Vol 010 pp42-43]

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