The Oregon Collection PCI & SEGS Slabs

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The Oregon Collection PCI & SEGS Slabs

Post by morganman » Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:19 pm

For several years i purchased PCI & SEGS slabs as a cheap acquisition for morgans &
especially U.S. Gold coinage. On average the coins graded 2-3 pts less than PCGS/NGC
with exceptions depending on which color of slabs each service used.

I kept a ton of these and we just finished counting my entire collection including PCI/SEGS
Just over 15,000 Morgans total PCI & SEGS. I broke out re graded & sold several thousand
more over say a 10 yr period.
I made a fortune buying PCI gold coinage -reselling to dealers on the cheap
Also breaking select ACG Accugrade indians - re grading NGC and re selling
One local calif dealer had two shops and loved buying all i could produce
He was sharp & probally made a fortune as well, but i made easy bucks for yrs

All my PCI/SEGS slabs have the real self graded grade assigned - as well as any problems
details coins stickered. I have been about 85%-90% correct on my re assigned grades when
breaking and submitting to top 3 TPG services.
A real fun project. I have kept some 2500 graded Indians $10/$5/$ 2 1/2 bought when
gold was $300/$400 oz mostly PCGS/NGC
The highlight gold indians are 2 $5 1911 D strong in ms 65

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