Another 97O VAM-6 die pair?

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Another 97O VAM-6 die pair?

Post by UncleGildy » Fri Sep 13, 2019 3:53 am

I was looking for a 97O VAM6B recently but found this instead.
97O_Rev-c_Gildy1k.jpg (300.04 KiB) Viewed 150 times
As many know 97O in MS can be pricey, and there aren't many varieties known, so when I found this one with major cracks and possible breaks that didn't match any known varieties, I thought it was worth a chance to look closer.

Once received, I saw there are indeed a few possible field displacements between letters and rim. There are also a few wide cracks that might be breaks. The dark toning and slab plastic make it difficult to be sure of the field breaks during my first pass inspection. I sort of wish this coin was not slabbed.
97O_RevCracks+All-Breaks_Gildy1k.jpg (280.03 KiB) Viewed 150 times
I have to say thanks to Alan (@LateDateMorganGuy) for the helpful words and example in the '97O v6C discovery post a few months back.

I started to get hung up on the m/m locations (mine vs. photos for VAMs 6B, 6C and 6). My coin's m/m is set a bit left compared to VAM-6B. Thanks to his die class reminder (a variety can have several die pairs) and his 6C example, I realized my m/m position doesn't need to be in the exact same position to be in of the same die class (i.e. VAM-6 variety). If the m/m is not an exact match to the photo, it's still clearly "set high, tilted right".

Well, the coin's certainly not a 6A or 6B, although the start of the break between U and the star is eerily similar. And while the REV cracks are significant, it'll would likely just be another VAM-6 die pair if there are no breaks or other listable attributes.

Here are my REV observations other than cracks/breaks:
• Raised metal at the eagle's left wing tip is quite pronounced. I searched the official guidelines quickly but didn't see it there.
• Doubling at top of TATE in sTATEs (hoping this isn't common a known hub doubling mistake of mine again).
• Wreath and arrow doubling mentioned in VAM-6 is here as well.
• I assume there's nothing special about the collar at the top or bottom, is there?
Any thoughts from the photos? These were the flat dead-on ebay listing photos which usually don't show field displacement. I'll need to get out my camera setup this weekend if necessary.

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