R factors & I factors

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R factors & I factors

Post by morganman » Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:57 am

I believe many vams here have incorrect R & I numbers. Been discussed but not much attention
it seems to adjust upward or downward as deemed appropriate,

Could it be done properly withot one person spending their life fixing it all

Just hoping it gets attention it deserves- withot having to send coins to LVA again , as time would prove
prohibitive etc.

Hoping this post brings positive comments from members here
Thanks Scott

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Re: R factors & I factors

Post by messydesk » Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:09 pm

These are a perennial can of worms, and not just because they're not an accurate picture of rarity. The biggest problem is that people use them to infer value. Even if the R-number were correct, the correlation with value would be very weak. An obscure R-7 variety with a market demand of 2 coins would not be worth a premium. This begs the question of whether it would be best to update them to reflect reality or ignore them altogether in favor of something else. Simply updating the numbers would make the misapplied correlation with value go away, although perhaps it would make the correlation slightly stronger. It would also introduce another problem in which the casual observer wouldn't be able to tell the distinguish whether the number was an old R-number or a new one unless you introduced it as a separate number. Either way, you're introducing a source of confusion, especially since you can't unprint books that are out there.

We have the SSDC registry, as well as TPG populations, that can give a pretty good picture not only of overall rarity of a variety, but also rarity with respect to grade, especially when compared with other coins commonly collected in the same context (relative rarity). Using this, I can tell whether a particular variety within a popular set is more or less common than the typical variety. John Coxe could actually automate this ranking so that you could sort the Top 100 or 1878 8TF by population in the registry. As more coins and more sets are registered, the picture of relative rarity becomes better. For sets that only have a couple collectors, such as most date sets, this ranking wouldn't give a terribly clear picture, and it would be biased by overlap with popular sets such as the Top 100. For the popular sets, I would go as far as making periodic snapshots of this ranking available on VAMWorld, even if just a simple clustering into common, somewhat common somewhat scarce, scarce, rare, and ultra-rare groups.

Would replacing an absolute rarity number with easily available relative rarity lists solve the problem of inferring value? Partially. Some sellers will tend leverage the entire body of information out there to try and maximize their sales. Seeing that a Top 100 coin rated as R-6 in the VAM book is way down the relative rarity list with the common coins would still not only promote the coin as R-6, but also infer that R-6 means the same to Morgans as it does to bust halves and try selling for a 10x premium. Buyers, however, will be able to see how the coin ranks and pass.

Just a couple thoughts for the morning.
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Re: R factors & I factors

Post by bob259 » Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:37 pm

Another wrinkle is, and I'll use myself as the example: I have several thousand SDs and have vammed the majority. Some are TPG so they show up in their inventory but if I put them into the SSDC wouldn't they be double counted? I have many that are not TPG just because I haven't unlimited amounts of money to spend so I'd rather buy more coins as opposed to paying a TPG service and many don't carry a high enough value and thus not worth the extra expense.. Then I haven't taken the time and probably won't to enter them into the SSDC so many of mine aren't recorded anywhere considering I "picked" 90+% of what I have. Getting an accurate count is truly very difficult.

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