1921 VAM-1BE Scribbling Die Scratches #138, or...

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1921 VAM-1BE Scribbling Die Scratches #138, or...

Post by Pareidoliac » Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:52 am

On the 1921 VW page under 17 berries necklace varieties, the 1BE is listed below the necklace varieties with the following instruction: "Below this line has not been determined if they belong in the list of Necklace Varieties." I am assuming the discovery coin (2015) was not a necklace variety. I may have found a 17-berry necklace variety. See photos. Looks to me like 2 possibly 3 necklace lines.

A further instruction says to cut and paste above if one is found. I think I would defer to JB before I would start cutting and pasting.

Of interest also is the thick vertical die scratch through the first (left)upper tail feather (in the photo, it would be the bottom feather). Not sure if that is on the discovery coin as there are no photos on that page.

Any 1921 Morgan experts in the house? I'm sure more than one. If anyone wants to see the full reverse photo, I will post it.
1921 necklace.jpg
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