O/T Gold in them there Hills

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O/T Gold in them there Hills

Post by morganman » Mon Apr 24, 2023 8:53 pm

It's almost that time of year again to begin breaking out the mining equipt.
This year looks very promissing as creeks have risen to flood stages unseen in yrs.
Last year netted better than expected amounts but this yr looks to top most years as
swift/high runoff carry larger amounts of sediment & gold downstream to settling ponds etc
Last year we created nice ponds that will hold gold, ripe for dredging, using my newer equipt
that recovers about 30% more fine gold.

Calif & Oregon look to benefit from unusual masses of rainfall, sending gold downstream in amounts
unseen in many yrs. My refiner has already warned me that delays in processing are most likely.
Way to early to tell if all this will actually provide much more gold than usual, but old pro's are
saying to expect super yr but to be patient and allow for water flows to diminish before starting
dredging, which some jump the gun and never recover to the potential, as gold passes and goes
on further dwn stream. So maybe about 1- 1/2 mo late before starting. Say like estimate Jun 1 st

The usual refiner loses about 10% of gold received from impurities etc, but last yr i lost only 6%
due to fineness. Be interesting how this yrs huge water flows will impact bottom line.
I love having my refiner private labeling my gold The Oregon Collection with cert of authenticity
Will do as many 32.15 oz Kilo bars as possible and some 1 oz rounds this yr
None will be sold, as im a gold bug that believes huge price appreciation is around corner IMHO

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Re: O/T Gold in them there Hills

Post by Longstrider » Tue Apr 25, 2023 1:56 pm

None for sale. Well that sucks. Good luck Buddy.🐍

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Re: O/T Gold in them there Hills

Post by UNCLE BINGO » Tue Apr 25, 2023 2:28 pm

What do you have Scott? Placer or hard rock?
" May your clashes be EDS , your breaks be LDS , and your wife not have PMS over your collecting habits! " ;)

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Re: O/T Gold in them there Hills

Post by morganman » Wed Apr 26, 2023 6:43 am

Uncle Bingo; Placer stream gold Very good question as most truly dont know the difference
between Placer & Hard Rock Gold. A very educational read for
anybody and of course anyone interested in mining, history,
and much more, Millions of years involved & a total lesson/lessons
on how all this happened and various results of mineralization.

I have enjoyed immensley the evolution of these formations etc
The real gold miner is a pleathora of experience/knowledge and
the best way to begin any Gold ectraction adventure. This will
allievate much time and money woes. A trained eye is worth
all and more originally, and the learning curve about as varied
as learning Vams on this site.

Heres to successful FUN mining 2023 Talk about Pickin!!!!!!

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Re: O/T Gold in them there Hills

Post by Bigbub » Fri Apr 28, 2023 12:08 am

Since January 2016, the use of vacuum or suction dredge equipment, otherwise known as suction dredging, is currently prohibited and unlawful throughout California. Apparently, it is fine and dandy for nature to wash sediment and minerals down a river, but it's very bad for rivers when humans do it for recreation. You can still pan and sluice though, just not with motorized equipment in rivers, lakes and streams.

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