Newer SSDC Pricing Value Guide

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Newer SSDC Pricing Value Guide

Post by morganman » Thu Nov 03, 2022 5:26 am

For yrs now since the last Vamview of 2015, retail pricing guide, We have all been in terrible
need of a reputable vam value guide. Its been 7 yrs coming but thanks to the efforts of
SSDC president ASH HARRISON, here finally we have the makings.

One point that seems to stick out concerning this guide! Some values seem quite inflated,
just as did Logan Mckechnie's Vamview pricing that ended in 2015. I would sure hope the same
mistakes are not made with this guide, of kinda shot gunning values, rather than using actual
comps over time,as they are found/documented. I also think it a good idea to ask for help on
comparible sale values, from those who have kept/trailed actual sales, and members who sell
vams as time passes looking forward. I also sometimes it better to have more than one or two
persons contributing to a task here, if none other than to prohibit overload, of which many
smaller organizations experience. Over achievers like JR-JB and the like are subject to these
work duty overloads, which is not fair to them, and tends to hurt our sports health. IMHO

So i love becomming familiar with actual real values of our vams through a pricelist or database,
just as we have Grey Sheets and price guides for most other coins. This helps everybody involved
determine the selling and buying values, withot huge discrepencies within values, of which we
have experienced for 7 yrs now. Thanks ASH, now stay smart and begin using comps and
as necessary to further & maintain this critical Value guide

Thanks to all in past/present who have helped with pricing
our beloved beauties !!

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Re: Newer SSDC Pricing Value Guide

Post by mikev50 » Thu Nov 03, 2022 6:37 pm

where do i find the price guide----thanks

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Re: Newer SSDC Pricing Value Guide

Post by colwillys » Thu Nov 03, 2022 7:28 pm

You must uses the SSDC .

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