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FAKE FAKE DJIA ?? & Much More

Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2022 4:00 pm
by morganman
After decades following the markets it all seems to good to be true with DOW Jones dipping
some 7,000-8,000 pts only to be followed by rebounds of 4,000 + points to 32,000 plus today.
As a young man we were amazed at dow 2,000 and swore it couldnt last. Talk about being
wrong!!! 31 plus trillion in National Debit seems not to matter as traders simply shrugg of all
issues, seemingly to keep positive influence within mkts and keep monies in paper assets, while
fading/de valuing hard asset metals. I believe to buy into this Hype/inflated valuations will lead
to super huge mkt losses from equities, sometime in not to distant future. Maybe about time the
impending recession and housing mkt takes a dump. 2023/2024??

Meanwhile, precious metal holders, goldbugs and the like are sitting on paper losses if liquidated.
My silver purchases, dating back 4 yrs to present (2018-2022) are losing a bit but not terrible.
Maybe if feds slow interest rate hikes the U S dollar comes off 20+ yr highs, the bullion sector will
benefit. Silver in teens is ludicrous as physical supply tightness has not contributed to any price
adjustment, lending further validity to price manipulation theories/scandals.

Like other issues we will have to wait and see if older generation is correct in assessments or
younger generation has been right all along, by buying into the current mkt setups/Fed policys
Lets hope us older citizens dont croak before seeing some needed changes LOL

Re: FAKE FAKE DJIA ?? & Much More

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2022 3:07 am
by Options25
Really like the perspective from experience. Been on the inverse etfs for the past few months. Finally seeing some light. Lost a bunch speculating option etf bears. So now just holding the actual ETf. I'm ready to pounce on a metal move. I like the last few week or so. Not enough to do a squeeze yet.