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Testing the water.... Long Nock set #6

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2022 1:55 am
by VamHelsing
I have an opportunity that I'm thinking about exploring.
Is there any interest in my complete LN set?
#6 in VW, #7 PCGS. The V27 is the WOW! Plate coin,
the V59 is ex Knockin on Heavens Door (On Label)
The V27A Is AOH as a 27, not VSS. will guarantee VAM or
pay for VSS if necessary. The V26 AU50 is NGC,
couldn't get to change in the SSDC registry.
I have a PCGS XF45 AOH that I can incude.
Based on The new VW value guide, this set is $13,000...
Asking offers over $10,000.

PMs only with offers.

Not willing to sell individually at this time.

You can check the grades on the VW registry sets and PCGS registry.
Cash only at this time, VW members will get free shipping.