Current Vam prices

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Current Vam prices

Post by morganman » Mon Dec 27, 2021 12:43 am

:popcorn: WOW- I have been steadily tracking rarer
mostly low pop R 6/7 neat vams pricing
Amazingly many sell for say 30%-50%
of say 7 yrs ago
Of course vams that are real popular
low pop /rare still demand nice
premiums at 60%-90% of yesteryear
It would seem that anyone collecting
investing/hoarding LOL has available
super neat vams at great pricing,
which looks to lead to good investments
held over time= We hope !!!!
I am a sucker for what looks to be
bargain prices, even though im selling
my bulk of Morgans.
Have fun amassing a few & good luck

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Re: Current Vam prices

Post by JASONKFLO » Mon Dec 27, 2021 12:49 am

what are you selling haha.
Any clashed E coins
Jason Floyd
I climb Mountains , Grow Bamboo and like Coins

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Re: Current Vam prices

Post by Options25 » Tue Dec 28, 2021 6:58 pm

Except the ones I am trying to buy....

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Re: Current Vam prices

Post by Kurt28 » Thu Dec 30, 2021 1:34 pm

I recently purchased a VAM that was of low population.
It is neither interesting nor rare I2 R6.
The condition was better than the other two in the SSDC registry.
Yet someone wanted it almost as badly as I did and made me pay dearly for it (several times PCGS or NGC values for an unattributed coin.)
I don't think the seller knew what kind of a Christmas present he would get when the hammer dropped.
And my hat goes off to the other bidder that knew the scarcity of the coin.

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