O/T 2020 in Rear View Mirror Almost/ Prospective

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O/T 2020 in Rear View Mirror Almost/ Prospective

Post by morganman » Sat Aug 22, 2020 7:55 am

A consorted attempt to put all this Craziness into somewhat of a
Layman's prospective from my Motorhome LOL, about 50 miles
out in the boonies, on the most beautiful river prospecting gold.

Also at 12:30 AM - Coyotes howling woke me Cool

So covid19 with other crazy events/factors have seen Financial Markets
and others provide price volatility like never experienced in trading history.
The following short prospectus attempts to give Prospectus to a few crazy
market moves.

Dow Jones from about almost 30,000 down to around 20,000 or a
30% loss and now rebounded to around 28,000 in terrible overbought
conditions/overvalued and needing a huge correction

Crude Oil from $60 barrel to $O = A $60,000 loss per contract, and
now around $42 which is a $42,000 gain per 1000 barrel contract
So talk volatility= A crazy $102,000 per contact swing in say 6 months
Talk about bazillions made and lost Thats a WOWSER!!!!!!

Silver around $16 down to $12 which lost $20,000 per 5000 oz
contract then recently tried $30 which is $18 from lows or $90,000
gain per 5000 oz contract
So the volatility swings in crude and silver are amazingly similiar

Now we enter into the last 1/4 of 2020 - a Election Yr- so more
crazy moves may occur

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Re: O/T 2020 in Rear View Mirror Almost/ Prospective

Post by Longstrider » Sat Aug 22, 2020 4:01 pm

I keep trying to better understand all this. I appreciate your explanations. Thanks.🐍

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