2019 VSS/PCGS Bulk Submission #5 Open

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2019 VSS/PCGS Bulk Submission #5 Open

Post by messydesk » Fri Oct 18, 2019 1:46 pm

2019 Submission #4 is at PCGS, so I've decided to open up the next submission. Whether it is 2019 submission #5 or 2020 submission #1 depends on when I get 100 coins.

My fee is $6 plus shipping, PCGS's will depend on the grade they assign to the coins, which means I won't know total costs until grades are in. Unless PCGS changes them, the fees for bulk grading of Morgan and Peace dollars are 60-63 $5, 64 $8, 65 $15, 66 $22, others $10. No restriction on mix of dates. Maximum declared value per coin is $300. For coins that grade out being worth significantly more than the $300 maximum, PCGS will charge $25 per coin. No-grades are no charge for grading unless there are too many in the submission. I'll put these in my holders unless you specifically don't want them holdered. You pay my fee plus return shipping (on my form) up front, and then the PCGS fee plus your share of the shipping to and from them once I know it.

If you want to submit coins for grading that you don't want attributed, you can do this, too. I will charge $2 per coin for these, since I still have to spend time documenting each coin and sorting them out afterward.
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