Low Grade San Francisco Long Nocks

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Low Grade San Francisco Long Nocks

Post by Flat-Chested » Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:25 pm

Looking for mainly low grade San Francisco Long Nocks

VAM-26 in AG3, G04 and G06
VAM-27 in F12
VAM-56 in AG3
VAM-57 in AG3
VAM-58 in AG3, G04, G06 and VG10
VAM-59 in AG3, G04, G06, and VG8
VAM-60 in AG3 or better
VAM-62 in AG3 and G04, or better
VAM-72 in AG3 or better

Interested in old ANACS white and blue holders, NGC, PCGS, will consider SEGS and ICG, and other grades. Thanx.

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