ANACS Newly Graded Coins - Details

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ANACS Newly Graded Coins - Details

Post by Flat-Chested » Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:57 pm

I have 15 ANACS graded Morgan dollars, wondering if there is any interest before they go on auction.

1878 8TF VAM-8 Hot 50 Cleaned EF45 Details
1878 8TF VAM-23 Top 100 Bent AU50 Details
1878s VAM-6 Hot 50 Cleaned MS60 Details
1878s VAM-50 Hitlist 40 Cleaned AU53 Details
1878s VAM-108 Cleaned AU53 Details
1879s VAM-2 Cleaned AU53 Details
1880o VAM-49 Top 100 Damaged AU50 Details
1880s VAM-113 Cleaned AU55 Details
1885s/s VAM-6 Top 100 Cleaned VF30 Details
1887 VAM-3a Super CD Cleaned AU50 Details
1889s VAM-3 Cleaned AU50 Details
1891s VAM-5 Cleaned AU53 Details
1892 Scratched AU55 Details
1892o VAM-4a Cleaned VF20 Details
1892s VAM-1 Damaged F15 Details

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