Some Available Varieties

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Some Available Varieties

Post by alefzero » Tue Sep 26, 2023 6:52 pm

I updated my EIN on eBay and they are now holding all of my sales payouts and threatened suspension if I do not produce the letter (requested from the IRS, taking 4-6 weeks to receive) proving it is mine. Of course, their deadline is well before it will probably get here.

So, in the meantime, I guess I will offer some coins on here. I put prices, per policy, but some have more and some less room on them. Some are below my cost. These are essentially the prices I would tag them at in my cases at a show. If any are of interest, we can see if there is an agreeable price.

1806/5 O-103 R-2 PCGS XF40 $1900
1808 O-102 R-5 NGC XF45 $2500
1809 O-102a R-1 PCGS VF35 $550
1813 O-102 R-4 PCGS XF40 $600
1817 O-105a R-4+ ANACS VF25 $450
1817 O-109 R-2 NGC VF Details $225
1827 O-111 R-4 NGC AU Details $400
1829 O-104a R-3+ NGC AU53 $450
1829 O-118 R-5 NGC XF Details $750
1830 O-110 R-3 PCGS AU50 $525
1831 O-113 R-4 PCGS VF30 $185
1832 O-121a R-3 PCGS AU58 $975
1833 O-105a R-5 NGC MS62 $4000
1833 O-115 R-5+ NGC AU Details $2500
1834 O-119 R-4 ANACS AU50 $425
1836 O-121 R-5+ NGC XF40 $3200
1798 BB-82 PCGS F Details $3000
1798 BB-102 VF35 Details PCGS VF Details $2250
1798 BB-102 VF20 Details PCGS VF Details $1600
1798 BB-107 NGC VF Details $1950
1798 BB-114 PCGS XF Details $5200
1799 BB-151 ANACS VF30 Details $2400
1799 BB-153 PCGS VG Details $1200
1799 BB-165 PCGS F Details $2000
1799 BB-168 PCGS VG10 $2700
1799 BB-168 PCGS G6 $2300
1800 BB-181 PCGS VF30 $3500
1800 BB-182 ANACS VF25 Details $2000
1800 BB-183 PCGS VG8 CAC $4500
1800 BB-192 ANACS VF25 $3500
1800 BB-195 PCGS XF45 $5200
1878 VAM-3 NGC MS65+ $3000
1878 VAM-14.9 PCGS XF45 $1750
1878 VAM-221.2 NGC MS65 $2100
1878 VAM-225A K12 PCGS MS64DMPL $5000
1879 VAM-41 ANACS MS62 $110
1880-O VAM-7 HL40 lamination PCGS MS64 $1950
1882-CC VAM-3D PCGS MS66 $1400
1888-S VAM-6B ANACS AU55 $350
1889-O VAM-11 NGC MS62 $450
1891-CC VAM-2 PCGS MS64 $2000
1892-CC VAM-12A ANACS XF40 $700
1892-O VAM-5 T100 NGC MS61 $650
1896-O VAM-10A ANACS AU58PL $1500
1900-S VAM-6A ANACS F12 Details $60
1900-S VAM-6B ANACS AU55 $300
1900-S VAM-8 EDS ANACS AU58 Details $275
1900-S VAM-8 MDS PCGS AU58 $400
1900-S VAM-9 EDS ANACS AU55 Details $375
1900-S VAM-9 LDS ANACS AU53 $150
1900-S VAM-12 ANACS AU55 $300
1900-S VAM-15 NGC AU55 $350
1900-S VAM-17 ANACS XF45 Details $150
1900-S VAM-17 ANACS XF45 Details $150
1900-S VAM-18A ANACS AU55 $300
1900-S VAM-19 NGC MS60 $625
1900-S VAM-20A ANACS XF40 $150
1900-S VAM-21A ANACS MS62 $725
1900-S VAM-22 ANACS VF30 Details $80
1900-S VAM-23 ANACS XF40 $150
1902-O VAM-15 EDS ANACS MS63 $120
1902-O VAM-15 EDS ANACS MS62 $85
1902-O VAM-26A ECD ANACS MS63 $1000
1902-O VAM-26A ECD ANACS MS63 $1000
1903 VAM-8 NGC MS62 $200
1921 VAM-1E H50 NGC MS66+ CAC $2000
1921 VAM-3HA2 NGC MS64PL $875
1921 VAM-39B ANACS MS62 $75
1921 VAM-39B ANACS AU58 $65
1921-D VAM-1B1 PCGS MS66 $875
1921-S VAM-1AK ANACS XF45 Lamination $125
1922 VAM-3A ANACS AU58 $60
1923 VAM-1A2 T50 ANACS MS62 ?? (need to see what I paid for it AOH)
1923 PCGS MS65 $200
1923 VAM-1i ICG MS65 $200
1923 VAM-1o NGC MS64 $350
1971-D PCGS MS64 $25
1971-S FS-401 ANACS MS64 $125
1971-S PR FS-103 PCGS PR68DCAM $2000
1971-S peg leg, not DDO PCGS PR67CAM $50
1972 Type 1 PCGS MS64 $50
1972 Type 3 PCGS MS65 $350
1972-D ANACS MS67 $750
1972-D PCGS MS66 $225
1972-S Silver DDO/TR PCGS MS68 $150
1972-S PR Silver PCGS PR70DCAM $500
1972-S PR FS-101 DDO PCGS PR69DCAM $525
1973-D PCGS MS66 $400
1973-D PCGS MS65 $70
1973-S PR Clad PCGS PR69DCAM $35
1974 PCGS MS66 $350
1974-D PCGS MS66 $200
1974-D 4D-201 "Peg Leg" NGC MS65 $200
1974-S Silver PCGS MS68 $175
1974-S PR Silver PCGS PR70DCAM $550
1974-S PR Clad PCGS PR69DCAM $35
1976 Type 1 PCGS MS65 $175
1976-S Silver PCGS MS67 $125
1976-S PR Type 1 PCGS PR69DCAM $35
1976-S PR Type 2 PCGS PR69DCAM $35
1977 PCGS MS66 $150
1977 PCGS MS66 $150
1977-D PCGS MS66 $150
1977-D 7D-701 PCGS MS65 $75
1977-S PR PCGS PR69DCAM $40
1978-D PCGS MS66 $300
1978-S PR PCGS PR70DCAM $550
1978-S PR PCGS PR69DCAM $40
1989-S PR PCGS PR70DCAM $250
1991-S PR PCGS PR70DCAM $400
1992 PCGS MS70 $2000
1995-W PR PCGS PR68DCAM $3750 (Legend Auctions toner)
1996-P PR PCGS PR70DCAM $450
2000-P PR PCGS PR69DCAM $90
2002 PCGS MS70 $325
2006-W Burnished PCGS SP70 $225
2008-W Burnished PCGS SP70 $150
2010 PCGS MS70 $75
2011 25th Cleveland PCGS MS70 $100
2013-(W) West Point Mint PCGS MS70 $70
2014-(S) First Strike PCGS MS70 $70
2015-(W) West Point Mint PCGS MS70 $75
2016 30th PCGS MS70 $70
2017-W PR WP Private Auction PCGS PR70DCAM $150
2018-S PR Denver Denver FDOI Cleveland PCGS PR70DCAM $250
2018-S PR Washington WDC FDOI Cleveland PCGS PR70DCAM $275
2018-W PR Philadelphia Gold Foil Phila FDOI PCGS PR70DCAM $225
2018-W PR Denver Denver FDOI Cleveland PCGS PR70DCAM $150
2018-W PR Washington WDC FDOI Cleveland PCGS PR70DCAM $250
2019-W PR Washington WDC FDOI Ed10k PCGS PR70DCAM $200
2020-W v75 Privy PF PCGS PR70DCAM $800
2020-W PR FUN FDOI Cleveland PCGS PR70DCAM $200
2021-(P) Type 1 Emergency Issue Lenny Wilkens FDOI PCGS MS70 $175
2021-(W) Type 1 WP FS PCGS MS70 $90
2021-W Type 1 PF FDOI PCGS PR70DCAM $200
2022-S PR First Strike PCGS PR69DCAM $135
2022-W Burnished Chicago ANA PCGS SP70 $175
2022-W PR First Strike PCGS PR70DCAM (several) $135

Also have some 2023 Morgan and Peace and tons of Daniel Carr stuff. And of course a LOT of Trade dollars. All, or nearly all, are already in the SSDC registry, generally with images.

The Trade Challenge 50 book is $50. Still have some left.

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Re: Some Available Varieties

Post by LateDateMorganGuy » Tue Sep 26, 2023 7:57 pm

Long gone are the days you can sell a piece of toast with Jesus' portrait on it. I can't even sell there anymore without starting at a $1. Not doing it.

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Re: Some Available Varieties

Post by Tekkie1 » Wed Sep 27, 2023 1:45 am

Do you accept Kidneys or other organs as payment? :P

Wonderful assortment of coins. :mrgreen:

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Re: Some Available Varieties

Post by morganman » Thu Sep 28, 2023 9:53 pm

Huge amt of coins FSBO- liquidty has become huge issue
& flea bay is shits. Say forget it and let heritage sell em with
no commission charge to you the seller (consignment)
with reserves on select higher value coins
Contact Jim Stoutsjydyk VP & main buyer
Jim will also make offer to pay cash on most if you desire
Honest and pays decent & fast

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