2022 VSS/PCGS Bulk Submission #2 Open

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2022 VSS/PCGS Bulk Submission #2 Open

Post by messydesk » Sun Jul 03, 2022 8:59 pm

I've had a couple inquiries about the next bulk Morgan & Peace dollar submission. When in doubt, I always have one open, but I figured I'd make a more formal announcement.

My fee is $6 plus shipping, PCGS's will depend on the grade they assign to the coins, which means I won't know total costs until grades are in. Unless PCGS changes them, the fees for bulk grading of Morgan and Peace dollars are 60-63 $5.50, 64 $8.50, 65 $15, 66 $25, circs (up to 58) $10. No restriction on mix of dates. Maximum declared value per coin is $300. For coins that grade out being worth significantly more than the $300 maximum, PCGS will charge $25-35 per coin, depending on what tier it would normally go into. No-grades are no charge for grading unless there are too many in the submission. I'll put these in my holders unless you specifically don't want them holdered. You pay my fee plus return shipping (on my form) up front, and then the PCGS fee plus your share of the shipping to and from them once I know it.

If you want to submit coins for grading that you don't want attributed, you can do this, too. I will charge $2 per coin for these, since I still have to spend time documenting each coin and sorting them out afterward.

If you want to submit coins for PCGS bulk at the same time as coins already in slabs or coins that just need one of my slabs, that is fine, but PCGS bulk coins need to be on a separate submission form with separate return shipping. This way, I can get your other coins back to you right away.
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Re: 2022 VSS/PCGS Bulk Submission #2 Open

Post by colwillys » Sun Jul 03, 2022 10:21 pm

JC i will have 5 coin for PCGS Bulk submission .. PCGS may adjust fees .
Send the out Tuesday 5th July .

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Re: 2022 VSS/PCGS Bulk Submission #2 Open

Post by VamHelsing » Mon Jul 04, 2022 7:06 pm

How many do you have so far for this sub?

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Re: 2022 VSS/PCGS Bulk Submission #2 Open

Post by morganman » Tue Jul 05, 2022 11:56 pm

I have thought about submitting thru bulk JB as fees are low except for higher grade
which is still a rip off. Waiting several months sometimes would drive me crazy and
un workable.

PCGS sucks= politics etc NGC is worse-much worse Anacs coins take a real
mkt value hit

Its all designed to keep the poor owner/collector/submitter soaking money
into coins. Between grading fees/sales commissions from auction houses etc
Paypal fees, New sales taxes, a coin owner gets run over financially by the system,
that was designed to help the industry & its players.

Unfortunately over time my posts have turned less than positive and i wish
everyone here GOOD LUCK- You will need all the help available.
My advice to buyers here is simple- Become well educated on retail & whsle
values of any coins you choose to purchase and trade.
Also deal with denominations with great liquidity and lower populations
Buying closer to or at whsle insulates the buyer from mkt downsides to a large

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Re: 2022 VSS/PCGS Bulk Submission #2 Open

Post by Longstrider » Wed Jul 06, 2022 6:05 pm

@morganman Thanks for your point of view. It sounds like this is hard won advise from you. I always am looking to learn and get as much info as possible. Thanks Buddy!🐍

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Re: 2022 VSS/PCGS Bulk Submission #2 Open

Post by colwillys » Thu Jul 07, 2022 1:54 pm

I found dealer at the ANA TEXAS show would buy PCGS NGC and ANACS holder coins ..
They told me PCGS NGC good prices and ANACS they are breaking them out or sending
them to auction .

My over flow is just sitting collecting dust . Not even a market for TOP 50 Peace Dollars .

I did make some trades , help bring down prices of coin i wanted . You have to work the
field and market .

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Re: 2022 VSS/PCGS Bulk Submission #2 Open

Post by playtime1 » Sat Jul 09, 2022 4:50 pm


I will be mailing you 12 coins for grading. Thanks.


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